Karin Ridgers

Karin Ridgers

Radio presenter, journalist and PR expert

Karin is the founder of www.VeggieVision.TV – a vegan website with mini programmes, interviews, reviews of vegan products, recipes, competitions as well as its own dating site www.veggievisiondating.com.

Karin is thrilled to work closely with VegfestUK the biggest vegan festivals in Europe.

She is the VegfestUK ‘MC’. She gains VegfestUK and veganism a lot of media coverage and she encourages and arranges for media to attend the festivals too.

Karin introduces the speakers in the auditorium, she presents the awards and is the moderator for the debates which are filmed in front on a live audience as well as sometimes streamed live worldwide.

She has hosted the awards with Sarah Jane Crawford, and interviewed Evanna Lynch and Lucy Watson on stage.

Combining her love of radio Karin now has a popular radio show every Friday from 6pm to 8pm on Essex based Phoenix FM.

Karin has interviewed experts, local people as well as high profile celebrities including:

Heather Small, Rozalla, Baby D, Vicky Michelle, Jason Burrill the Big Brother Winner, Rick Hay, Wendy Turner Webster, Gary Webster, Jasmine Harman, Peter Egan and many more incredible guests.

Karin has filmed with and interviewed Brian May, Virginia McKenna, Martin Clunes, Anthea Turner, Lorraine Chase, Matthew Wright, Wendy Turner Webster, Laura Hamilton, Peter Eagan, Rick Wakeman, Helen Chamberlain, Jeremy Cunningham – The Levellers… she has also interviewed Sean Hughes and Joanna Lumley.

She also loves presenting VegfestUK Chat – the online regular chat show with Tim Barford the manager of VegfestUK.

Karin also coaches media and celebrities to be vegan – and is the Ambassador for Wetnose Animal Aid.

She has written for Leona Lewis’s blog as well as for the Ocado blog and advised Centre Parcs about vegan options.

Karin also runs MAD-Promotions an ethical vegan PR company that focuses on businesses that are making the world a better place.

She also works with many vegan client and vegan products too – constantly getting the positive veggie friendly message into mainstream media.

Karin has gained clients £100,00’s and £100,00’s over the years in free editorial coverage – resulting in profiles of clients being raised, clients gaining their own regular columns, running competitions, having products reviewed and more.

Karin has taken part in more than 250 radio interviews – all promoting how easy, fun, healthy and kinder it is to lead a vegan life.

Karin has been asked to write for other publications in connection with veggie and vegan living and has recently written for various trade publications on how and why they must cater for vegans.

www.karinridgers.me www.veggievision.tv www.mad-promotions.com


How to get your vegan business in the news

Publicity and visibility is the lifeblood of any vegan business – and getting it easier than you think, if you just know how! Karin Ridges is a former journalist, radio presenter and vegan entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of vegan businesses and business owners get in the news. Learn the secrets of how to get your brand on TV, in the newspaper and magazines, onto local and national radio and featured by your favourite vegan news website.

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Networking mingle - Drinks & Cake!

Hosted by Karin Ridgers


Help us bring our first day to a close with a vegan business networking session, including free drinks and snacks! Vegfest exhibitors, Vegan Business Tribe members, and anyone who has a vegan business, product or just idea is very welcome to join us!

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Drop-in business clinic

Need some advice? Looking to launch a new business? Or need help taking your business to the next level? Come chat with vegan entrepreneur and Vegan Business Tribe Founder David Pannell, and marketing and PR specialist Karin Ridges in a relaxed setting!

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Karin Ridgers with Todd Sinclair & Giles Bryant

Karin interviews Todd and asks him all about his book launch before Giles performs a 20 minute set of recent music.


Todd Sinclair

”My new release -EXPOSING DECEPTION & EMBRACING TRUTH: The Definitive Collection Unpacking the Corruption of Our Global Food System and the Rise of Veganism.

It’s been my dream to revise and update my two first books covering the Why and How of veganism, into one book!”

”Forget everything you think you know about modern veganism.

Let’s open this can of worms and navigate the masses of information—and misinformation—to build a new normal that puts our health, ethics and sustainability at the forefront.

Covid has changed us and highlighted many uncomfortable truths. This historic juncture is our once–in–a–lifetime opportunity to build a new normal. Doing the right thing has never been more critical.

In Exposing Deception & Embracing Truth, author and activist Todd Sinclair shows how vegan values are a fundamental way forward to avoid future pandemics, protect animals and the planet, and promote personal health.

Among the topics covered are:

Volume One
Unpacking The Facts: Why Veganism Matters

· A global history of our food system and veganism – how reclaiming the past and connecting with our ancestors gives us a sense of power and purpose

· The ethical debate over food technology and the future of veganism

· The shocking truth of why meat is so cheap but costs us dearly

· How what we eat has a direct impact on the climate crisis, chronic and infectious diseases, and the exploitation of people and animals

· Expert tips on confronting sceptics and empowering others to become confident, compassionate Rebel Vegans.

Volume Two
The Path To Compassion: How to Align With Your Values

· Nutritional guide to what plant-based foods you need to eat to be healthy

· How to stock the perfect pantry—including a complete list of everything you’ll need for your plant-based dishes

· How easy it is to cook vegan—including 29 recipes that can be adapted to YOUR tastes and YOUR schedule

· Insider tips on navigating the world ethically and spreading compassion

· How to come out as a vegan and connect with your community

· How to go beyond diet to create a cruelty-free lifestyle


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