Kate Strong

Kate Strong

World Record holding Fitness & Business Expert

Vegan for 9 years, Kate Strong is stepping away from world records & triathlon world championships and using her sport as a way to highlight the urgent need for the nation to transition to being plant-based and more sustainable.


Kate Strong leads by example when it comes to peak performance whether that’s climbing Mont Blanc, developing a sustainable business or breaking 3 cycling world records. Kate has lived and travelled all over the globe, earning two Master’s degrees in Engineering while living in England, France & Italy, She’s set up micro businesses in indigenous communities in Central America as well as founding a hospitality business in Australia. It was during her time in Australia that she discovered triathlon. Within 14 months of taking up the sport, she was crowned age-group World Champion and later went on to break 3 cycling world records.


She has faced her fair share of difficulties along the way, from being trapped in a toxic relationship to working herself out of the million-dollar debt her ex left her. However, she is not defined by these challenges and she uses these darker days to fuel her to always striving to be the best version of herself.


In June 2023, Kate is cycling 3,000 miles around mainland Britain on a bamboo bike, connecting with local communities and carrying out 30 climate-positive activities. This CLIMATE CYCLE will demonstrate innovative and much-needed ways we can work together to save our planet.


Climate Cycle: Using Sport as a Force for Good

Kate is about to embark on a 3,000 mile cycle around mainland Britain to highlight the urgent need for change to help protect and save the planet.

In this talk Kate unpacks why she’s moving away from world records and into adventure sport, as well as how she is physically, nutritionally and mentally preparing for this epic adventure.

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