Laura Walton

Laura Walton

Freedom for Animals

Freedom for Animals began as the Captive Animals’ Protection Society in 1957 and is one of the UK’s longest-running charities working to protect animals.

Through a combination of undercover investigations, research, campaigns, grassroots activism, political lobbying and education, our work for animals focuses predominantly on issues affecting those individuals held captive in circuses, zoos and aquariums, as well as those used in the television and film industry, live animal displays and the exotic pet trade.


Should Vegans Visit Zoos: How Much Does a Day Trip Truly Cost to Animal's Lives?

Freedom for Animals fights for the freedom of animals held captive for entertainment across a variety of industries, and spreads awareness on the many misleading and incorrect claims the industry advertises to the public to make money. Zoos and aquariums etc are often less talked about in the animal rights community, with many claims of conservation still widely discussed. We aim to shine a light on the truth of what animals must endure in these institutions, and debunk some of the myths, such as conservation and education claims, surrounding them.

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