Dr. Leila Dehghan

Dr. Leila Dehghan

MD, MSc (Nutr), ANutr

Dr. Dehghan is passionate about food justice and health equity. She aims to find effective ways to address racial and socio-economic issues that affect health. Her project “Food and Diversity” seeks to introduce a plant-based diet to people of the global majority (a term coined to refer to Black, Indigenous and people of colour) – visit her website for more details.  

Dr. Dehghan is a member of the Advisory Board for the Plant-based Health Professionals UK, and has created the 21 Day Plant-based Health Challenge to encourage and invite more people to go plant-based. 

She is regularly invited to deliver webinars and talk about the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet.

You can get in touch via her Facebook page Dr Leila D.- Plant-Powered Qi Nutrition, or follow her on Instagram @plantpowered_qi_nutrition or drleilad.com