Louisa Mitchell

Louisa Mitchell

Wildly Tasty

Wildly Tasty was born out of a passion for plant-based cooking and a vision to see more children enjoying delicious veggie meals from a young age. With two children under two, Louisa found it a struggle to cook from scratch and wondered why there wasn’t more tasty, healthy and convenient plant-based meals out there aimed at children. Having already built a career in food development, Wildly Tasty launched with an eight-strong frozen range suitable for children aged one and above.


Little vegans, big potential: exploring the vegan children's sector

The vegan children’s sector is set to explode, but few brands have been quick to take advantage of the ever-increasing number of vegan children. Research shows that children are 50% more likely to be vegan than their parents, and these kids have buying power!

Laura Chepner, Chair of The Vegan Society’s Education Network and host of the new Mainly Humanely podcast, will host a panel of experts in the vegan children’s sector to explore this exciting new market.

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