Michaela Andrews

Michaela Andrews

Activist with Animal Rising

I have been an activist with Animal Rising (previously Animal Rebellion) since April last year. After initially getting involved in my local XR group, I decided to set up a new Animal Rebellion Bristol local group because I realised XR wasn’t focusing on animal agriculture and this was the issue I wanted to be working on (initially for climate reasons, but now, after learning more, the animals are at the heart of why I do what I do).

I have coordinated the Bristol Animal Rising local group alongside Dan since April and took on the role of South West regional coordinator in December last year too. Since being South West coord, I have also helped set up local groups in Exeter, Dorset and Cornwall and have taken part in non-violent direct action protests at the Grand National and the Greyhound Derby Final in Towcester this year. I believe we need as many vegans as possible to step up into nonviolent direct action so we can reach the tipping point needed to drive true social change and create a kinder world for all life.


The importance of nonviolent direct action and how it can drive social change

We will discuss with people why nonviolent direct action is so important in the vegan movement. Why disruption is key to creating social change (as has been demonstrated many times throughout history) and therefore why it’s so key that more and more vegans step up into nonviolent direct action so we can create a powerful force that could create a vegan world.

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