Mitchell & Vincent

Mitchell & Vincent

Vegan Musicians

“An unusual coincidence – we both trained as luthiers when we left school. Yep, both of us wanted to spend our time making guitars. Life, of course, always gets in the way somewhat and by the time our paths crossed we’d both retrained. I’d been designing furniture, then houses, got qualified and started running my own architectural practice. Dave had been to University and trained as a teacher.

Once music has a hold of you it doesn’t let go easily and Dave & I found ourselves playing together in a ceilidh band called Fiddlestix.

We realised we had very similar musical tastes and both wanted to spend a lot more time playing music, so we started a duo……….

A few years have passed and we have three albums out and are generally pretty busy (that may be an understatement!).

Knowing that we were both luthiers, you are asking “Do they play their own instruments?” YES! Dave plays a wonderful sounding nylon strung classical guitar with a cedar top which he made quite a few years ago – we’ve done so many gigs in the last few years that it’s starting to look a bit tatty – but luckily Dave’s made a spare for when the time comes to retire the old girl! I generally play violin #8, a violin of my own pattern and one I’m rather fond of as the front is made from an old shelf from my kitchen (which I realised was a really sonorous piece of spruce). We’re both making more instruments should you be interested in buying one. (photo below shows both of us playing instruments we’ve made.  Holland – 2015)

Have a listen to the tracks on the music page and the video page. We hope you enjoy the music and maybe see you at a gig one day!”

David J. Mitchell – Guitar, Mandola, Whistle & Recorder