Molly Elsdon

Molly Elsdon

Yoga Instructor

I am a certified yoga teacher, circle facilitator, reiki practitioner and kirtan leader. I’ve been vegan for 5 years and an animal rights activist for just as long. Experienced in all forms of activism from protests, disruptions, outreach and rescues, I now work full-time as a campaigner and spokesperson at PETA UK. I combined my love for yoga with my passion for animal rights by founding Vegan Yoga London last year – a space for vegans and animals rights activists to come together to heal, grow, and connect through yoga and spiritual practice.


Yoga & Veganism

Should we be vegan if we practice yoga? What is the true meaning of ahimsa? Is puppy yoga ok if it brings us happiness and joy? This talk will explore the links between veganism and yoga, drawing on the often forgotten philosophy that is at the roots of the practice. In today’s western world where yoga is commonly viewed simply as an exercise practice for those with enough money, time, and physical ability to do so, how do we begin to share these teachings beyond the yoga mat to make the world a kinder, and more compassionate place to all beings.

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