Nathan McGovern

Nathan McGovern

Co-Founder of The Plant-Based Universities

Nathan is the co-founder of the Plant-Based Universities (PBU) Campaign. PBU began in late 2021, calling on universities to adopt 100% just and sustainable plant-based catering in order to tackle the climate crisis. In the past academic year, 7 student unions have passed motions towards the goals of the campaign: Stirling, Cambridge, Birmingham, QMUL, London Metropolitan, Kent, and UCL. PBU is now active in 52 UK universities, with international interest.


Movement Unity - National Groups Activists Panel 

Panel Host – Tim Barford

Natalie Braine representing Animal Think Tank. Nathan McGovern representing Plant Based Universities. Sasha Jolliffe Yasawi representing We The Free. Fiona Pereira representing Animal Aid. 

How can we better communicate, collaborate and coordinate with each other?

Q1. How are we already collaborating?

Q2. How can we increase this and do more?

Q3. What concerns do we have that we should address as a Movement? 




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