Nishma Shah

Nishma Shah

I am a Kenyan-born Indian, from the Jain community.

In 2005, I launched Shambhu’s, an award-winning vegan food business based in London.

Through Shambhu’s, I aim to show you how delicious, varied and nutritious vegan food can be, and teach you how simple it is to prepare 🙂

I’m delighted and excited to be involved in Summerfest Online. I invite you to:

– explore the various online cookery classes I’m running, and
– try out my food by ordering through my vegan catering service.

Do sign up to Shambhu’s e-bulletins, and join us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter, so that you’re informed of new classes, events and other news from Shambhu’s.

Check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel too 🙂

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