Plant Based Health Professionals UK

Plant Based Health Professionals UK

‘The Whole Food Plant Based Diet At Home: Achievable, Enjoyable, Undeniable’ by Joseph Lindo-Davies:


This is a plant powered practical guide to getting you back in the kitchen making incredible dishes that are both nutritious and delicious. Home cooking can transform lives by improving the affordability, nutrition and the quality of food enjoyed at home. It is the antidote to the ultra-processed food that now represents over half of the UK shopping basket. Joseph would love you to join him, so he can help you bring the joy of the whole food plant based diet into your own homes.




‘7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Going Vegan’ by Karen Lee


Following a vegan diet is not difficult but it can throw up some challenges and obstacles along the way. In this talk, Karen Lee explore 7 common pitfalls and shares her top tips on how to avoid them.



‘How To Easily Transition To A Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet’ by Jenny Lusby:


This presentation takes a closer look at the potential pitfalls of the vegan diet and why a whole-food, plant-based diet is so beneficial for good health. It also briefly highlights the important role of plant-based eating in the prevention and management of disease, as well as addressing the common challenges facing those transitioning to a vegan diet. The presentation is aimed at those who are near the start of their plant-based journey and wish to transition to a healthier diet not involving animal products. It addresses the most frequent nutritional concerns and provides pragmatic tips on how to increase your intake of plants whilst reducing your intake of animal products.

‘Working Out on a Vegan Diet’ by Mark Stephens


In this presentation, “Working Out on a Vegan Diet”, Mark Stephens begins by looking at the possible benefits of a plant-based diet in sport and exercise. He then looks at the two principal requirements of a training diet; energy for fuel and the raw materials for recovery. Mark finishes the presentation by looking at real examples of what a plant-based person might eat during the course of a day.  He concludes that a healthy, balanced vegan diet can provide us with all the nutrition we need, whatever the level of our sport and exercise aspirations!
‘Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet – OR – Why You’re Not Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet!’ by Alex Louise
A talk on weight loss and why choosing a vegan weight loss plan will benefit not only your waist line and future health; but also to combat climate change and protect the lives of helpless animals. Point of view delivered from a nutritarian chef and plant based health coach.


‘Nutrition and Mental Health’ by Dr. Gemma Newman


A deep dive into the mental health benefits of plant based nutrition.



‘How Not To Become An ICU Patient’ by Dr. Andrew Davies


In this talk Dr Davies talks about lifestyle diseases that contribute or cause critical illness and offers tips on lifestyle modifications that helps us to stay out of intensive care unit.



‘Vegan Nutrition During Childhood’ by Heather Russell


Based on her work at The Vegan Society, Dietitian Heather provides tips about nutritional planning during childhood during this 30 minute session originally delivered in February this year.



‘How To Support Your Vegan Clients In The Community’ by Dr. Leila Dehghan


Whether you’re a newly registered nutritionist, a dietitian, a GP or a curious fitness professional who wants to help their vegan clients and patients and support them to optimise their plant-based diet, this webinar provides the required basics knowledge.



‘Plant Based Nutrition for Vegan Athletes’ by Dr. Leila Dehghan


Leila Dehghan covers all aspects of sports nutrition for bodybuilders as well as endurance athletes. She discusses how best to recover from workouts and the role of protein supplements in improving your performance.



‘Preventing and Reversing Chronic Disease Using An Optimal Vegan Diet’ by Mick Walker


There is increasing evidence that all chronic conditions can be prevented and reversed through a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. This talks looks at the reasons why such a diet is so effective.



‘Things You Need To Know Before Going Vegan’ by Rohini Bajekal


Skin breakouts, tiredness, unintended weight loss and flu-like symptoms are just a few of the health issues that some new vegans might encounter. This talk by nutritionist Rohini Bajekal focuses on what you need to know about doing plant-based diets right and the key nutrients to be aware of. You’ll learn the tips and tricks to thrive on a whole foods plant-based diet and sustain this way of eating in the long-term.



‘The Truth About Nutrition and Health – Seeing The Wood For The Trees’ by Dr. Shireen Kassam


A summary of the scientific data supporting a plant-based diet for optimal health and well-being.



‘Plant Based Advantages For Cancer Prevention & Recurrence’ by Dr. Shireen Kassam


This talk will review the science of diet and cancer and the role of plant-based diets for cancer prevention and recurrence.



‘Plant Based Diets For Pain’ by Sue Kenneally


Plants really are nature’s painkillers. The problem is that the foods that we perceive to be ‘comfort’ foods have a genuine effect on our pain sensors and can reduce pain in a very similar way to prescription painkillers, so they are very good at making us feel better at the time that we eat them. But in the long term they are inflammatory foods and make our pain worse. Plant foods don’t give us the same immediate pain relief, but in the long term they are anti-inflammatory and healing, and have been shown to reduce chronic pain. During this talk we will look at some of the painful conditions that can be improved or even completely controlled by eating an unprocessed, plant based diet, and some of the reasons behind this.