Peter Mason

Volunteer at Plant Based Treaty

I’ve been vegan since 2015, vegetarian since 1989. I have been volunteering for The Plant Based Treaty for a couple of years, doing outreach at Vegfests and at this year’s Vegan Camp Out. I was a tutor in Adult Community Learning for ten years and a prison learning tutor before that. I was a committed Labour Party activist during the Corbyn period and have some experience of local political activism in a diverse organization.


Albex Acoustic Duo

A mixture of original songs and covers with some twists along the way!

Comedy, Music, Talks & Panels full timetable


Movement Unity - National Groups Activists Panel 

Panel Host – Tim Barford

Dr.Alex Lockwood representing Animal Rising, Jasmine Clark representing Viva!, Peter Mason representing Plant Based Treaty, & Claire Louise Palmer representing Animal Justice Project.

How can we better communicate, collaborate and coordinate with each other?

Q1. How are we already collaborating?

Q2. How can we increase this and do more?

Q3. What concerns do we have that we should address as a Movement?




Comedy, Music, Talks & Panels full timetable