Professional Catering

Professional Catering

‘Dietary Diversity and Inclusivity in Care Menu Planning’ with Chef Alex Connell

A not-to-be-missed session for care caterers, ensuring person-centred, inclusive catering for all.

‘Vegan Baking’ with Chef Alex Connell

Learn the secrets to creating tasty bakes without eggs or dairy.

‘Meat Free 101’ with Chef Justina Bajorinaite

An informative introduction to catering for vegans.

‘SoundBites Podcast: Summerfest Online 2020 Special’ with Kieran Whitehouse

“After over a decade as the leading authority on vegan and vegetarian care catering, V for Life has entered the exciting world of podcasting – meaning we can conveniently keep you abreast of all the latest developments.

‘Vegan Cheese Making’ with Chef Ollie Bragg

An inspiring taster session introducing the textures, flavours and health benefits of raw, fermented nut cheese and how to make it.