Rajiv Bajekal

Rajiv Bajekal

MS, FRCS Orth. MCh Orth. IBLM

Orthopaedic Hospital at Stanmore for his Registrar training before starting his Consultant post with an interest in Spinal Surgery in 1998.

He is a very experienced Clinician with a surgical practice mainly in the lumbar spine with a keen interest in managing Sciatica, low back pain, Spinal Stenosis, Osteoporotic fractures and infections. He is particularly keen to find simple and often non-surgical solutions for patients in severe pain and practices lifestyle medicine to look at problems more holistically rather than just the presenting problem. Four years ago, he found he was developing diabetes and in fact had some complications of this. He weighed 30 Kg more than he did when he first came to the UK. He chanced upon a documentary called Forks over knives and adopted a whole food plant-based diet with the help of his wife who was an ethical vegan. Within a year he had a complete remission of his diabetes and lost 30 kg reaching a healthy weight. He and his wife decided to qualify in lifestyle medicine and have been Diploma holders from the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine since 2018. As a qualified Lifestyle medicine practitioner, he now applies the principles to his day to day practice and feels he can provide a better service to his patients.

He is a senior examiner for the FRCS Trauma and Orthopaedic Examination and lectures widely Nationally and Internationally for General Practitioners and is part of a group called Total Orthopaedics which provides High quality patient focussed care.

When not working, he loves walking his dogs, exercising, and cycling. He travels widely with his wife of 36 years who is a Consultant Gynaecologist.

Rajiv would be able to discuss his own journey of weight loss (60 lb) in order to put his diabetes into remission. This is featured on his Instagram site @drrajivbajekal.

He has a comprehensive website www.rajivbajekal.com featuring areas of interest and specialisation. Although he is a spinal surgeon, he has a holistic practice looking at integration of lifestyle into day-to-day ailments affecting the back and other areas, with a whole food plant based nutrition being centre stage on it.

He will be happy to discuss common conditions affected by lifestyle and diet such as frozen shoulders, anterior knee pain, back and neck pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis of joints, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and any other musculoskeletal issues.


Bone health in vegans

There have been some concerns among vegans about a vegan diet being appropriate for bone health following recent publications of epidemiological studies. The purpose of this talk is to critically appraise current available evidence and discuss the optimum nutrition and exercise to improve bone strength in order to prevent the consequences of osteoporosis while still maintaining a diet consistent with our moral and ethical beliefs. The talk will dive deep into whether a diet that is ideal for cardiovascular health, longevity, metabolic health, brain health and one that prevents chronic diseases is also ideal for bone health. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and clarify issues.

Vegan Fitness and Lifestyle full timetable