Dr. Areli K. Cuevas-Ocampo

Dr. Areli K. Cuevas-Ocampo


Dr. Areli K. Cuevas-Ocampo is a Medical Doctor who follows a raw-vegan lifestyle. She is Board-certified in Anatomic-Clinical Pathology and Neuropathology and is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition by the University of Winchester. She is also a member of the Plant-Based Health Professionals of UK. Dr. Cuevas-Ocampo is interested in raising public awareness on how modifying epigenetic risk factors like diet, in particular with a fruit-based raw-vegan approach; we can prevent, improve, or even reverse most of the modern diseases of Western societies. Besides looking at diseases under the microscope, examining brains, and doing autopsies, Dr. Areli is an educator and coach, with expertise in raw-food nutrition. She combines her medical background, plant-based knowledge, and her own experience as a raw-vegan to teach people about the incredible benefits of incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables into our diets.


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