Rohini Bajekal

Rohini Bajekal

MA Oxon, MSc Nutrition and Food Sciences, Dip IBLM/ BSLM

Rohini Bajekal is a nutritionist (MA Oxon, MSc Nutrition and Food Sciences, Dip IBLM/ BSLM) and an International Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional.  She provides evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice to her clients, focusing on a whole foods plant-based approach.

In one-to-one sessions, she provides advice on nutrition and preparing healthy meals as well as on broader lifestyle changes such as sleep, emotional wellbeing and exercise.

Rohini is a Nutritionist and Advisory Board Member at Plant-Based Health Professionals UK. She is also a Cookery Teacher at Made in Hackney, the UK’s first plant-based community cookery school. As a women’s health advocate, Rohini is Brand Manager for Women for Women’s Health (WfWh), a voluntary service set up to empower women of all ages to make lifestyle choices that will help improve their own health as well as that of their families.


Find out more about Rohini and her work at or email [email protected] She is active on Instagram @rohinibajekal