Rosa Sharkey

Rosa Sharkey

Animal and Climate Activist

For the last few years I have dedicated myself to climate and animal activism, focussing now on the ways in which these two issues come together. The way we treat animals and the impact it has on our planet are so connected that they must be fought as one issue.


Decisive, direct action is essential to bring about the change that all of our lives depend on, and will only work if we come together to physically act against oppression and call for the alternative we know is out there.


Growing up in the beautiful Lake District I have witnessed first hand the decimation of a once-wild landscape by animal agriculture and the destructive force of the climate crisis – it is not something ignorable, happening far away deep in the future. It is happening here, now, killing people in our communities, destroying homes, businesses, infrastructure, lives. Here, where we feel the impact of this crisis less than almost anywhere else on Earth.


We are going in the right direction, but we do not have the option to take the long path, to wait for change to come. The animals being exploited every second do not have the luxury of time.


Direct action is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant room, it is hope in the dark – so much great work is being done to combat the crises we face but without people rising up and taking action we have no chance of implementing this work before we lose too much for our planet to ever recover. Direct action makes survival possible.