Rosemary Martin BSc MSc RD

Rosemary Martin BSc MSc RD

Rosemary Martin is a registered dietitian currently working both in the NHS and freelance. As a former zoologist, she has experience of working with animals as well as researching animal behaviour and welfare. Rosemary has published research on human-animal interactions in captive environments and previously worked at the world-renowned Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Rosemary now works to promote healthy plant based diets for human health, sustainability and animal welfare. She is a member of the British Dietetic Association and has collaborated on many projects including online courses by best-selling chefs and authors, The Happy Pear, supporting the nutritional component of Dr Alan Desmond’s Plant Based Diet Revolution publication, and she also sits  as an advisory board member for Plant Based Health Professionals UK.


Optimising Bone Health on a Plant-Based Diet

Have you ever wondered if your plant-based diet is supporting the health of your bones? In this talk, Rosie Martin RD will dive into the important nutrients that we all need for strong bones on a plant-based diet. Rosie will also provide insights into other lifestyle factors that are crucial for bone health, as well as how to incorporate these into yours and your patients’ lives.

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