Sheryl Morris

Sheryl Morris

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sheryl is a strength and conditioning coach from Eastbourne, East Sussex who works with people of all abilities, from all backgrounds. She trains clients all over the world both in person and online and made this her career after finding a love for strength training herself in 2017. Sheryl began her strength journey as someone who had never used a gym shortly before she was introduced to the sport of powerlifting. At the beginning of her fitness journey she was a complete gym-phobe and actually hated exercise!! Since then she has discovered that exercise works wonders for both her physical and mental health, especially resistance training. She is now a competitive powerlifter and is passionate about showing anyone that they can be strong, especially as someone who was once too afraid to even walk into a gym! Sheryl uses strength training as part of her vegan activism and loves disproving the ‘weak vegan’ stereotype!


Vegan Strength Training

An introduction to strength training on a plant-based diet – understanding the basics of exercise and nutrition as a vegan.

Vegan Fitness and Lifestyle full timetable