Sinnead Ali

Sinnead Ali

Womens Wellbeing Practitioner

Sinnead is an experienced Hatha yoga and perinatal yoga instructor, she has taught yoga in studios in Cardiff and Singapore and on retreats on the island of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand.
In 2020 Sinnead trained with Abuela Doulas and Red Tent Doulas as a full spectrum doula and became an abdominal massage therapist with a focus on menstrual health. Sinnead founded Bia, a seed cycling kit that can be delivered to your door. Seed cycling is a naturopathic protocol used to support your menstrual cycle hormones. It is a practice found in Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sinnead worked with nutritional chefs to create recipes as well as resources to support her customers.





Cycle Syncing 101: How to have a peaceful period

Our hormones are in constant flux and the changes in each phase affect our energy levels, mood and even our physical strength. Cycle syncing is the practice of syncing our lifestyles with each cycle phase. In this workshop, we’ll look at what we should eat, how we can exercise and work in a way that suits each phase. The result? A more peaceful period!

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