Sossa Starshine

Sossa Starshine

Bristol NARD Organiser

Vegan creative cape-wearing Earthling, plant-based humor enthusiast, and world-traveling social media awkward penguin, Sossa has been working tirelessly to share truth justice and limitless compassion for the animals for nearly twelve years. After first going veggie at the age of six and beginning to attend human & animal rights protests, she has continued to feel the urgency of the plight of oppressed masses whose suffering goes unseen and unheard. Between organizing animal rights outreach and vegan advocacy, there seemed to be just enough wiggle room to help bring the 14th National Animal Rights Day (NARD) event in Bristol to its fullest possible potential for the second of June this year.


3pm - 4pm

Introduction to Local Activism

This panel looks at local activism with some introductions to what’s going on in the Bristol & West Country area from a number of vegan and animal rights groups, to help encourage more participation and engagement with local activism.


Bristol Animal Rights Day

Vegan Compassion Group

Plant Based Councils

We The Free

Plant Based Treaty

+ more TBC

Hosted by Tim Barford

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