Sunflower Family

Sunflower Family

Are you looking for a natural meat alternative to soya and wheat-based protein?


At Sunflower Family we wanted this too. Our big goal was not only to create a free-from protein (free from ALL 14 allergens). But a sustainable protein that meat-eaters and vegans could love to eat together.


Our single ingredient meat alternative is a mince made from organic sunflower seeds. Our process gently presses out the sunflower oil leaving protein and fibre and nutrients behind. Making a plant-based mince that’s virtually fat-free. It has one of the highest protein (50g) to fibre (20g) ratios per 100g of protein, creating a satisfying full feeling that many meat-eaters miss when eating plant-based.


Sustainability is part of our DNA and we use all of the sunflower. Even the husks from the seeds are used for biothermal energy. We have beautiful fields of sunflowers that promote wildlife with our sunflower seeds sourced only from Europe.


We offer: Original Organic Sunflower Mince. A 4-Portion Box of instant mince. Just add to any sauce. We also have 3 meal boxes: Bolognese, Chilli or Mushroom Stew.


We currently are available Online at


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Health food stores can purchase from Essentials, Vegan Wholesaler and Queenswood.


Direct sales contact [email protected]


Sunflower Mince is also available in bulk for catering, zero waste and food manufacturing. Contact us at [email protected]