Vegan Candles & Essential Oils



We are two friends who grew up in the demanding city of London and began to understand the importance of well-  being, self love and relaxation. After discovering the powerful impact that essential oils had on our mood, we wanted to incorporate them in to our every day lives. We decided to create classic yet contemporary aromatherapy products that not only help to create a positive mind and atmosphere, but also look amazing!

Over the past two years we began experimenting with making different types of candles and developing our essential oil blends. Through lots of research, trial and error we developed our unique scents and finally launched TALOU in 2019.

Talou is a conceptual brand that promotes a holistic and self- nurturing approach to modern living. We create products using a combination of ingredients that have therapeutic qualities and help to enhance specific moods. We have carefully crafted three main combinations : Love & Sensuality, Calm & Balance, and Energize & Uplift, all of which are infused with mood specific essential oils and healing crystals.

We sell handmade products which include plant based candles, mood oils and energy cleansing tools. We carefully craft these products to channel and uplift positive energy through the senses. We are very passionate about using 100% natural plant based ingredients for the optimum benefits not only for yourself, but also the environment.

Our promise to you is to continue to develop exciting products that are not only high quality but also affordable.

Tamara & Louise