Tayana Simons

Tayana Simons

Animal Justice Project


Tayana is a Campaigner for Animal Justice Project. She is currently leading the campaign, Rotten, a first-of-its-kind investigation series exposing the UK egg industry. She has worked in animal rights for four years and previously worked in journalism.


Why cage-free isn't cruelty-free: The Rotten Truth about the UK egg industry

With most UK supermarkets and food companies committing to go cage-free by 2025, I will expose why cage-free is no better for egg laying hens. Using examples from our current investigation series, Rotten, I will explain how ‘welfare’ levels such as ‘free-range’ and assurance schemes, like RSPCA Assured and British Lion, do very little to protect hens. I’ll conclude with the most important actions we can take to protect hens and all animals who are farmed by supporting in holding these industries to account.

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