The Vegan Approach

The Vegan Approach

About us

The Vegan Approach supports individuals to go vegan, stay vegan and to live a healthy vegan life. We believe this lifestyle is the only compassionate and sustainable choice for people, animals and the environment. Our aim is to increase the number of vegans, and ensure people have the information they need to maintain a healthy and happy vegan lifestyle.

To achieve these aims we have devised our 6 steps to going vegan programme. You can access this easy to follow guide via our websiteshort film or by attending a talk at an event around the country. In addition, we now offer the Vegan Approach to nutrition talk, which outlines the information you need to follow a healthy plant-based diet.

How it started

Two passionate and long term vegans, Chrissy Leyland and Kelly Slade founded the Vegan Approach.  Having organised several successful vegan food fairs we realised that most visitors loved the food but this didn’t always mean they went vegan.  So we devised the London Vegan Pledge in 2008.  This provided a comprehensive programme to support the transition to a vegan lifestyle, and most of the participants stayed vegan after the event.

To bring our successful programme to more people, we founded the Vegan Approach in 2012.  Kelly has now moved on, but Chrissy is joined by Liz Readle and Rob Masterson.  Together we devised our 6 steps to going vegan talk, which we deliver at events around the country.

If you would like us to present a talk or to show our video at your event, please email us [email protected]