Tom Pickering

Tom Pickering

Runner & Filmaker

Tom’s earliest memories can be traced back to moments and experiences watching films. From an early age he found his purpose – to tell stories on film. Tom’s also a passionate vegan, and at some point he realised he could combine these two loves and tell stories that have the power to change hearts and minds.

In 2020 he took on the huge task of directing his first feature length documentary – I Could Never Go Vegan, in an effort to debunk the various myths that face the vegan movement. The film is due for release in early 2024.

Tom’s also a keen runner, and in 2023 Running On Plants was born – a health and fitness campaign that encourages participants to adopt a whole food, plant-based diet and take up running. Tom continues his work within the vegan movement in an effort to help create a kinder and more compassionate world that takes animals off the menu.


Running On Plants

Paul Youd, 85 year old ultra athlete, shares his tips and tricks on thriving on a plant-based diet while on his path to completing 100 ultra marathons. Kate Dunbar discusses how she overcame chronic arthritis by running on plants, completing her first marathon at age 60, and Dr Minil Patel talks about combining weight training with running to maximise performance. Founder Tom Pickering will also share an overview of the new Running On Plants campaign and how individuals can get involved.

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