Vegan Business

Vegan Business

‘How Big Is The Marketplace For A Vegan Business?’ by David Pannell of Vegan Business Tribe


You may have been told that ‘vegan’ is too much of a niche sector, it’s too small a market or even just too much of a fad to grow a successful business in. If that’s the case then why are so many vegan businesses and brands growing so quickly?


In this 35 minute seminar recorded especially for VegfestUK, David Pannell from Vegan Business Tribes take an indepth look at the size of the vegan marketplace to answer the conundrum: if only 2% of the population are vegan, why are so many companies falling over themselves to bring out vegan products right now?




‘Pivoting Your Business In Challenging Times’ by Mike & Joe Hill


Mike & Joe Hill from One Planet Pizza discuss the steps they took to help steer their business through uncharted waters during the COVID-19 outbreak.



‘How To Have a Successful Vegan Business’ by David Pannell


You might already have a vegan business, or you might be thinking about starting one. In this video, recorded as part of VegfestUK’s Summerfest Online, David from Vegan Business Tribe talks about:


Why you should have a vegan business.
How a vegan business means you are aligning your career with your passion and your ethics.
The size of the plant-based marketplace.
Why, even if you are vegan, you are not your customer.
The different types of plant-based customers, and how what they buy changes along their vegan journey.
Smashing your stereotypes of who customers are for vegan products.
Why having a vegan product is no longer a unique selling point.


Examples of vegan businesses who have created a real point of difference through:


– Solving problems that others could not.
– Launching a movement, not just a business.
– Giving vegans something they thought they couldn’t get.
– Creating a vegan experience you can’t get elsewhere.
– By being truly remarkable.
– Finding an un-yet serviced niche.


How the big brands are getting vegan wrong and how you can beat them with your understanding and your ethics.
How you can give vegan customers certainty that your product is actually vegan.
How you can get mentorship and help through Vegan Business Tribe.




‘How Veganuary Inspired The Most Successful Marketing Campaign of 2019’ by Toni Vernelli


Learn how a 31-day vegan pledge is changing the future of food.




‘How To Prepare For Professional Investment’ by John Creaton


When the time comes to consider external investment you will absolutely want to get it right in terms of how to put your best foot forward. You will want to present in the best way to appeal to the right investors and also be clear about how you and your team intend to further develop the company by leveraging experience, expertise and vision.




‘How We Handled Explosive Growth During COVID-19’ by Scott McCulloch


In this talk I discuss the challenges we faced, how we overcame them, and why we’ve had to scale our warehouse operations to meet demand from a 3,000 sq ft warehouse to a 35,000 sq ft house in the last three years.