Vegan Women’s Leadership Network

Vegan Women’s Leadership Network

‘An Afro Rican’s Take On Veganism & Yoga’ by Celena Pirela

Yoga and Veganism is for everybody, what it looks like, my story, dispelling myths, culturally soundness, mindset and health aspects that are applicable, body types, my story, prama, mudra’s demo of kemetic (African Egyptian asana) and empowerment.

‘Finding Hope In a Time of Chaos’ by Clare Mann

More than ever before many animal activists feel:

• Their vystopia has reached intolerable levels.
• Hopeless in the face of in-fighting that’s emerged in the vegan community.
• They’ve lost friends due to current polarised perspectives.
• As though activism may never be possible in the “new world order”.
• Distressed that a vegan world now seems unlikely.

More than ever before, vegans must examine their own responses to the current chaos and work towards truly collaborating with others to bring about animal liberation. This is only possible if we each examine the wider systemic issues and the consequences of society’s shadow which is being brought into the light at this time. Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann provides insights, tools and techniques to help us navigate the chaos and re-claim our innate power so we hold true to our mission of creating a better world for animals, people and planet.

‘How To Feel Body Confident on a Plant-Based Diet’ by Coral Sirett

Discover the simple lifestyle changes you can make so you feel body confident. You’ll get a clear understanding of the foods you should focus on, how to get the right nutrition & how to make simple changes to your lifestyle so you:

– become body confident
– boost your energy
– lower your stress levels
– get more sleep

‘Effective Strategies For Vegan Activism’ – From a Former Dairy & Beef Farmer’ by Jackie Norman

Take a delve into the mind and psyche of a former animal farmer. For 18 years, UK born Jackie worked on NZ dairy and beef farms. Now a committed vegan and animal rights activist, she uses her years of experience and insight to speak out about the industry she was once part of.

‘3 Rooms To Veganism First In Your Home’ by Jecks Stone

Tips to transform your home to be cruelty free!

‘Navigating Activism As a Vegan With Disabilities’ by Kathy Divine

This talk will cover some of the issues vegans with disabilities face when attempting to navigate the activism world. It includes suggestions and solutions to make activism more accessible to disabled people.