Animal Rights Musician

Vystopia – Animal Rights Music

Vystopia, which is a solo project by Martin Ahlquist from Uppsala Sweden and was formed in August 2021 with the purpose to write music on the topics of veganism and animal rights. And further more to give all profits from streamed and sold music to aid animals in need.

Though the heart of music for Martin lies within hardrock of the 80’s the genre for each song varies in accordance where inspiration and theme flows at the moment of writing.
When streaming the music you will hear Vystopia taking on punkrock, blues, pop-rock and powermetal for the first four releases, while future songs will embrace folk, singersongwriter, 60’s music, heavy metal and more.

At VegFest Martin will be performing mainly acousticaly and with a little luck there will be one or two guests on the stage.


Recognition and Testimonials

Vystopia have received the mark and certification of vegan founded non-profit by “Vegan Fouded”

“Vystopia inspires and strengthens my desire to work for animal rights! I’m so grateful that great artists like Vystopia is on the side of all the animals – they need it!”
/Martin Smedjeback – Full time animal rights activist since 2014