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Luxury vegan accessories

At Watson and Wolfe, we have over 20 years’ experience in luxury accessories.  Our accessories are fine quality, functional pieces for consumers who are ethically and environmentally conscious. 

We are committed to providing the best in product construction, service and after care. And, our focus on being a responsible brand runs far deeper than our materials. We limit the amount of waste we generate, and we offset our carbon emissions by investing in reforesting projects. You place an order, and we plant a tree.

Our collection includes our best-selling cardholders which are compact and slim – the best way to store and access your cards and cash easily. Even better, when the materials used to make it are low impact, sustainable and cruelty free. Our range of British designed, vegan card holders are made in an ethical supply chain with materials which are as eco-conscious as you are. 


Our range includes cork belts which are handmade in Portugal with the highest quality cork and cruelty free vegan materials. Cork is natural and bio-degradable and is one of the best vegan and eco-friendly materials available.

Available in two sizes each belt has a traditional, classic style which is perfect for both casual and work attire. We provide worldwide delivery on all our products. 


We have recently been excited to introduce our women’s collection including our crossbody bag, tote bag, pouch and zipped purse.

There are certain items which we just cannot do without, and a good looking, functional purse is one of these. Our commitment to slow, classic design, sees us reimagine classic purse and wallet styles with a modern and elegant twist. A large zipped purse wallet for cards, cash and coins along with space for receipts will keep your bag and mind organised. All our women’s purses are handmade with 100% vegan materials in an ethical supply chain.

At Watson and Wolfe we stand by our values.

Our collections are ethical and are committed to ensuring that everything is manufactured under safe, fair and humane working conditions.  It is for ethical reasons that we choose not to use animal-based leathers. The process of making leather requires a combination of toxic chemicals, that causes long term health issues to workers and there is growing evidence that the industry employs children. Untreated wastewater containing toxic chemicals is dumped into waterways by tanneries every single day, effecting hundreds of thousands of families, ecosystems and land.  We seek to develop long term relationships with suppliers who share our ethical and environmental standards.

We care about sustainability and use low impact materials sourced from the most reputable suppliers and produced in factories which have eco and sustainability credentials. Our collection is made using innovative corn-based leather, cactus leather, grape leather and microfibre.  Inside we use a luxurious lining made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. 

Craftmanship and quality are the primary considerations when we are selecting materials and deciding how our products are crafted, and we work with only the most detail-oriented manufacturers.  We adopt a slow fashion approach, so we design items which will not be out of fashion next year. Using this same approach, we carefully consider the construction, to ensure items have versatility. 

We are vegan and cruelty free.  We believe the consumer market must evolve to be a fully sustainable supply model with cruelty-free supply and manufacturing, better working conditions for people and less reliance on our planet’s resources.  The materials we use at Watson & Wolfe are vegan and we are a certified vegan company. We are committed to ensuring that all our materials are ethically sourced and with no involvement in animal cruelty.



Luxury accessories have historically meant shopping real leather, but the quality of non-leather textiles has improved beyond recognition. We believe we should all have access to environmentally friendly, high quality accessories regardless of our lifestyle choice.

We have created an exclusive discount code for Vegfest UK.  Enter VEGFEST15 at our checkout to receive 15% off* your order.


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