Zane Zalite

Zane Zalite

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Zane is celebrated Ayurvedic practitioner, consultant, wellbeing author and International presenter. For the last three decades she has helped thousands of clients maintain their health using Ayurvedic Lifestyle. She creates bespoke herbal recipes for her clients from all kind of health walks. Zane delivers health and wellbeing programs in organisations.

Whilst running her successful Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in London she realised that there is insufficient availability of genuine products to sustain Ayurvedic Lifestyle. She invested her know-how to create her own Ayurvedic Lifestyle product range to make them accessible to all natural health lovers.

When Zane is not creating her next herbal recipe, digging into research or working with her clients, you can find her in the England’s and Europe’s breathtaking woodlands doing her 10,000 steps, enjoying outdoor Yoga class and Vegan food.


Empower Vegan Lifestyle with Ayurvedic approach.

Have you ever wondered how you can maximise your energy through food and lifestyle choices?

Zane will be exploring rationale behind daily Ayurveda rituals (sanskrit: dinacharya), which help to maximise energy, feel happy, maintain immunity and empower others.

Our daily food and lifestyle choices are those simple yet powerful actions that maximise our energy, improve digestion, mental and emotional wellbeing, how we perform at work.

Zane will dive in to explore how using in synergy right food combinations, seasonal eating, circadian cycle and knowledge of your own body type gives fascinating health benefits.

She will invite a discussion on how ethical and B-Corp Vegan businesses can facilitate healthy workplace environments for their employees, who thrive to live healthier lifestyles.

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