Ecotricity is a renewable energy company supplying green energy to over 200,000 customers across the UK.

Ecotricity is not your average energy company. For a start, we’re Britain’s greenest – but we go much further than that.

Launched over twenty years ago by our vegan founder Dale Vince, we offer a very different approach to energy – putting a green outcome at the heart of everything we do.

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When customers join us, they don’t just get 100% green electricity and frack-free gas – they become participants in our mission, making a difference every time they pay their bill.

We do that through our unique model: we use our customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of green energy. We like to refer to this as turning ‘bills into mills’ – energy bills into windmills, sunmills and gasmills. We’re a not-for-dividend company – so our profits go back into our mission.

Green gas is still a relatively new idea in Britain. We first introduced it to Britain in 2011, but we’ve got big plans to start a revolution in green gas with the help of our customers. We’re developing Britain’s first green gasmills, using grass to make gas. It’s going to be 100% green – and a genuine alternative fracking!

The revolution doesn’t stop there though. In 2011, we introduced the Electric Highway, a national network of electric car charging points. With around 300 places to recharge, it’s possible to drive from Land’s End to John O’Groats totally emission-free – another amazing achievement achieved in partnership with our customers.

We even turned our local football club, Forest Green Rovers FC, into the world’s first vegan football club – and the greenest in the world, according to FIFA! Through FGR, we’re taking our sustainability message to a totally new audience – showing the world of sport that there is another way.

Forest Green Rovers Christian Doidge(9)
scores a goal 2-1 and celebrates during the Vanarama National League Play Off Final match between Tranmere Rovers and Forest Green Rovers at Wembley Stadium, London, England on 14 May 2017. Photo by Shane Healey.

We do all of this in pursuit of a Green Britain – working across the three frontiers of energy, transport and food, which together make up 80% of our personal carbon footprints.

By changing how we power our homes, how we get around, and what we eat, we can make a massive difference.