What’s On

Visitors can register to attend here.


Access to the event is Free of charge. 

The show opens to the public at 10am Saturday August 15th. At this point you will be able to log in with your registration details to attend the show. The show stays open with live features until 11pm, and then again from 10am until 11pm Sunday August 16th. The ‘live’ functions of the show then close, but the show remains accessible for a further month, until September 15th 2020, for visitors to revisit the show, the exhibitors, and the auditorium.

On entering the event, visitors will land in the Lobby. From there, visitors can access The Exhibitors Hall, the Auditorium, and The Lounge, as well as The Information Desk

The Information Desk

– Clearly visible in the Lobby, visitors and exhibitors can access the Information Desk at any time to request replies to any questions that may arise during the event. The Information Desk is staffed by both the event platform team for technical issues and the VegfestUK team for any other areas.

The Exhibitors Hall 

open throughout the show, the Exhibitors Hall will house the stallholders, their brands, products services and information. Visitors can browse the individual stalls and then ‘visit’ a stall to access products and services information as well as shop, and chat directly to stallholders via live message and video function. The Live features (Shop, Video, Live message function)stay open for the duration of the event until 11pm Sunday Augsut 16th, the other features of the stall remain accessible for a further month (access to product information, contact details)

The Auditorium

will house both the Livestreams and the Presentations. The Livestreams will be running consecutively and will commence at a pre arranged time, using a Zoom format, and lasting between one hour and one hour thirty. They will be streamed live, and be available to watch again a few hours later. The Presentations are pre recorded, hosted in featured areas and available to watch at any time. The Presentations will generally be shorter, between 10 minutes and half an hour (they may be shorter or longer). The Speakers may well advertise their presence at a pre arranged time in the Lounge for a live chat room facility to answer questions from visitors. The Auditorium stays open for 30 days after the event closes to enable visitors to revisit and rewatch talks, presentations and performances

Chat Rooms   

Visitors will find the featured chat rooms in the Lounge, where they can meet like minded people and discuss the talks, exhibitors, speakers and other aspects. The Chat rooms will generally be hosted by some of the speakers and experts in the featured area, and individual speakers will be advertising their presence at specific times to enable visitors to come and chat if they wish. The Lounge is only open until the close of the event on Sunday 16th August


Time Zones   

Please note all times are  BST. To convert this into your timezone, please sue this function here if required  www.thetimezoneconverter.com/


Stallholders Preview

Please do visit our stallholders, browse and shop!



Friends of VegfestUK 

If you have enjoyed the show and would like to make a small donation towards the costs of the event, especially the workload to make this possible, as well as fees for performers, you are very welcome via our Friends of VegfestUK initiative


What’s On in The Auditorium?


Vegan Womens Leadership Network

Plant Based Health Professionals UK

Fitness – Strength, Endurance, Recovery

New Vegan Support

The Animal Rights Academy

Animal Rebellion 



Karin’s Super Celebrity Summerfest Special

Global Veganism 

Cookery Demo Theatre

Professional Catering

Vegan Business

The Art of Compassion Project Display






Vegan Womens Leadership Network

LiveStream 11am Saturday Hosted by Katrina Fox

”Finding your voice as a leader in the vegan and animal advocacy movements”

With    Alokparna Sengupta     Kathy Divine     Clare Mann     Carolina Galvani


LiveStream 11am Sunday Hosted by Katrina Fox

”Vegan women making a difference in business”

With   Dr. Dalal AlGhawas     Jecks Stone     Susanne Kirlew     Melissa Hobbs    Jessica Bailey



Presentations (available on-demand)


Kathy Divine     ”Navigating Activism as a Vegan with Disabilities” (Chat Room 11am – 12 midday Saturday & Sunday) 

Coral Sirett   ”How to feel body confident on a plant-based diet” (Chat Room 1 – 2pm and 5-6pm  Saturday & Sunday)

Jecks Stone    ”3 Rooms To Veganise First In Your Home” (Chat Room 10pm – 11pm Sunday)

Celena Pirela  ”An Afro- Rican’s Take on Veganism and Yoga” (Chat Room 11am – 12 midday Sunday)

Clare Mann    ”Finding Hope in a Time of Chaos

Susan Hargreaves    ”5 steps to Empowering Youth to Vegan Advocacy”

Jackie Norman  ”Effective Strategies for Vegan Activism – From a Former Dairy and Beef Farmer”



Plant Based Health Professionals UK

LiveStream 3pm Saturday

Health and Wellbeing in the time of Corona

Hosted by Leila Dehghan, with panelists

Dr Shireen Kassam    Dr Alan Desmond    Dr Minil Patel 

Dr Laura-Jane Smith    Amaeze Madukah     Simone Venner

(Chat Room discussion 5pm – 6pm Saturday)


Presentations (available on-demand)

Heather Russell ” Vegan Nutrition during Childhood”

Dr Shireen Kassam – ”Plant based advantage for cancer prevention and recurrence”  (Chat Room 4pm – 5pm Saturday)

Dr Shireen Kassam  – ”The Truth about Nutrition and Health – Seeing the Wood from the Trees” (Chat Room 2pm – 3pm Saturday)

Leila Dehghan – ”Plant Based Nutrition for Vegan Athletes” (Chat Room 5pm – 6pm Sunday)

Rohini Bajekal ”Things You Need to Know Before Going Vegan” (Chat Room 3pm – 4pm Sunday)

Leila Dehghan – “How to support your vegan clients in the community”

Mick Walker – ”Preventing and Reversing Chronic Disease using an optimal vegan diet”

Dr Gemma Newman    ”Nutrition and Mental Health: Mood Food and the Power of Plants”

Dr Sue Kenneally     ”Plant-based diets for pain”

Andrew Davies     ”How Not To Become An ICU Patient” (Chat Room 11am – 12  midday Saturday & Sunday)


Fitness – Strength, Endurance, Recovery

LiveStream 4.30pm Saturday Hosted by Dave Sheahan

”Plant Based Fitness: Strength, Endurance, Recovery”   With   Robert Cheeke   Kate Strong    Nathan Loughton   Annie Connolly  


LiveStream Competition 4.30pm Sunday Hosted by Dave Sheahan & Nathan Loughton


Presentations (available on-demand)

Dave Sheahan   ”Why Adopting A Vegan Lifestyle Takes Performance And Recovery To Another Level” (Chat Room 7pm – 8pm Saturday & Sunday)


New Vegan Support

LiveStream 3pm Sunday Hosted by The Vegan Approach

‘New Vegan Support’

With  Isobel Hutchinson   Sam Calvert       Liz Readle    Rob Masterson


Presentations (available on-demand)

Isobel Hutchinson    ”Why vegan? Six simple reasons to give veganism a try”   (Chat Room 12pm – 1pm Sunday)

Liz Readle  ”The Vegan Approach to Nutrition” (Chat Room 1pm – 2pm Saturday & Sunday)

Rob Masterson  ‘6 steps to going vegan’   (Chat Room Saturday 12 noon to
1pm and Sunday 11am to 12 noon)

Veganuary   –  Peter Egan –  ”Short introduction to Veganuary”

Veganuary   –  Jasmine Harman –  ”Short introduction to Veganuary”

Heather Russell     ”Vegan nutrition mythbusting”


The Animal Rights Academy

LiveStream 1pm Saturday Hosted by The Animal Rights Show

 Getting Active: How to Best Help Our Fellow Animals


Presentations (available on-demand)

The Animal Rights Show    ”What is Rights-based Animal Rights?

The Animal Rights Show    ”The Animal Rights Show Unplugged”

Dr Roger Yates    ”From the Founders to the Future: What is Veganism?”

Paul Gravett    ”How Special Branch Spied On the Animal Rights Movement” (Chat Room – 11am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday)

Harold BrownDeclan BowensRoger Yates    ”From Animal Farming to Vegan Activist”   (Chat Room 6pm – 7pm Saturday )

Jessamy Korotoga     ”Animal Experiments: A beginner’s guide” (Chat Room 3pm – 4pm Saturday & Sunday)

Dr Roger Yates    ”And If You Know Your History….”- Blog series tracing the history of the development of the Vegan Social Movement”

Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary   ”Virtual Tour of FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary”


Animal Rebellion 

LiveStream 6.00 pm Sunday Hosted by Animal Rebellion 

with  Shanthuru Premkumar     Billie Savage   Kanon T    Jimena López Arizmendi   Marina Patterson    Rose Patterson   Mel Mai     Natalia Twerd     Phillip Murphy 

(Chat Room discussion 8pm – 9pm Sunday)


Presentations (available on-demand)

Claudia Penna Rojas    ”Plant-based Future – What, Why & What’s Next?”



LiveStream 6.00pm Saturday Hosted by Mike Kelson



Drew Cameron ”Comedy Impressions: Celebrity lookalikes and Comedy Impressions”

Luke Poulton ”Vegan Luke” (Chat Room 1pm – 2pm Saturday & Sunday)

Mike Kelson   ”Welcome to Summerfest 5 minute intro” (Chat Room 7pm – 8pm Saturday)

Ishi Khan ”Stand up Comedy”   (Chat Room 4pm – 5pm Saturday & Sunday)

Adele Cliff – Stand Up Comedy” (Chat Room 3pm – 4pm Sunday)



Karin’s Super Celebrity Summerfest Special

Livestream 7.30 pm Saturday Hosted by  Karin Ridgers

Host Karin Ridgers introduces a truly awesome panel of celebrity guests for her Summerfest Special at 7:30pm Saturday live including …..

Nathan King   Wendy Turner – Webster      Gary Webster      Hector Bateman-Harden      Victoria Summer             Carol Royle       Tally Spear 




Livestream 9.00 pm Saturday

Adamski – Summerfest Set  ( Includes a live chat with Adamski with Karin Ridgers before an hour long Summerfest Special set from Adamski)


Livestream 10.15 pm Saturday

Live from LA USA    The Wake Up Experience    (includes a Live 15 minute Chat with TWUE before a 30 minute live set)


Livestream 9.00pm  Sunday

”In Concert with Macka B’ (Includes a live chat with Macka B with Karin Ridgers before an hour long Summerfest Special set from Macka B)



Barbara Helen – Through Vegan Eyes 

Jen Armstrong ”Queen V – Vegan Music”

Andy Prince   ”Andy Prince on Chapman Stick live at The Enchanted Market 2020”

Ian Haywood  ”Music and videos from Ian Haywood”   (Chat Room 11am – 12 midday Saturday & Sunday)

Mitchell & Vincent  ”Folk music from our workshops!”



Global Veganism 

Livestream 7.30 pm Sunday Hosted by Tim Barford & Karin Ridgers

With special guests   Cina Ebrahimi    Simohamed Bouhakkaoui   Christine Vardaros   Jay Brave   Sheila Hanney


Presentations (available on-demand)



Tim Barford  ””Going Global: The Development of the Vegan Social Movement””

Dan Graham –   ”The Vegan Organic Network Roadtrip’ (Chat Room 7pm – 8pm Saturday & Sunday)

Olivado     An Introduction to Olivado 



Cookery Demo Theatre


LiveStream 1pm Sunday Hosted by  Chef Day Radley 

Chef Day Radley   ”Live cooking demo – BBQ proof burgers!” (Chat Room 3pm – 4pm Saturday & Sunday)


Presentations (available on-demand)

Sara Kidd –  ”Cake decorating demo for a Naked Chocolate Cake with Fudge and a simple flower arrangement” (Chat Room 8pm – 11pm Saturday & Sunday)

Zacchary Bird – ”Cookery Demo”   (Chat Room 11am – 2pm, 9pm – 10pm Saturday & Sunday)

Tony Bishop – Weston  ”You’re lucky! They Didn’t Have Things like This in My Day – 4 Different Types of Chocolate Mousse”

Danielle MaupertuisA vegan, gluten-free Pineapple, coconut and chocolate crumble” (Chat Room 2pm – 3pm Saturday)

Nishma Shah ”Spice it up! Gujarati daal – a flavour bomb!” (Chat Room 5pm – 6pm Sunday)

Ania Wojtkowska ”Plant Based Persian Feast – cooking demo” (Chat Room – 11am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday)

Juliette Bryant    ”Wild Foods And How To Use Them”   (Chat Room Sunday 2pm – 3pm)

Juliette Bryant     ”Foods For Positive Mental Health” (Chat Room Sunday 4pm – 5pm)



Professional Catering

Presentations (available on-demand)

(Chat Room discussion 5pm–6pm Saturday and Sunday)


Kieran Whitehouse       ”Care Catering SoundBites”

Justina Bajorinaite     ”Meat-free 101 with Chef Justina”

Alex Connell       ”Vegan baking with Chef Alex”

Oliver Bragg    ”Vegan cheese-making with Chef Ollie”

Alex Connell    ”Dietary diversity and inclusivity in care menu planning with Chef Alex”



Vegan Business


David Pannell     ”How to have a successful vegan business” 

One Planet Pizza      ”Pivoting your business in challenging times”

Olivado     An Introduction to Olivado 



The Art of Compassion Project Display


Welcome to Art Poster Auction 
an online art poster auction in aid of NSW Hen Rescue (Australia) and Vegans Against World Hunger (UK), as part of an exhibition of artwork at the upcoming VegfestUK Summerfest Online 2020.
Head over to the Art Poster Auction page to check out over 70 artist who have donated work to be auctioned for charity

A number of the exhibiting artists are available in the Art of Compassion Project Chat Room at the following times. Visitors are invited to drop by and say hello

(Please note all times are  BST. To convert this into your timezone, please sue this function here if required  www.thetimezoneconverter.com/)



10:00 – 11:00 Lynda Bell (New Zealand)    11:00 – 12:00 Jo Hanna (Australia)    13:00 – 14:00 Jerry Drave (Germany)    14:00 – 15:00 Sehrish Malik (UK)


15:00 – 16:00 Ferchis (Bolivia)      16:00 – 17:00  Angela Sato (Peru)       17:00 – 18:00  Georgina Davenport (UK)     18:00 – 19:00 Evelyn Suttle (Ireland)


19:00 – 20:00 FKearns Artist (UK)     20:00 -21:00 Beth Redwood (USA)    21:00 – 22:00 Katrīna Tračuma (Northern Ireland)



10:00 – 11:00  Stephanie Anderson (UK)    11:00 – 12:00  Violeta Mateu (Spain)     12:00 – 13:00 Pedro Allemant (Australia)     13:00 – 14:00 Katharina Tinkl (UK)


15:00 – 16:00   Francisco Atencio (Argentina)    17:00-19:00   Leigh Sanders (Founder & Director of The Art of Compassion Project


20:00 – 21:00   Bryanna Claire Buie (USA)     21:00 .- 22:00   Karen M Fiorito (USA)      22:00 – 23:00 Kabuby (Peru)




Visitors can pre-register to attend here.

Access to the event is Free of charge. 

The show opens to the public at 10am Saturday August 15th.


Stallholders Preview

Please do visit our stallholders, browse and shop!


Friends of VegfestUK 

If you have enjoyed the show and would like to make a small donation towards the costs of the event, especially the workload to make this possible,  you are very welcome via our Friends of VegfestUK initiative


VegfestUK Summerfest Online 2020 welcomes a broad selection of participants including exhibitors with the latest vegan products and services, a number of speakers and topics surrounding the many facets of veganism and plant based diets, live streams featuring panels and performance, including headline acts, musicians, DJ’s and comedians.