VegfestUK Chat

About the show

VegfestUK Chat is a live online vegan chat show currently in it’s first series and features special guests, vegan news including new projects and initiatives on the horizon, as well as some amazing vegan brands all wrapped up in a tidy and compact series of 1-hour episodes.

VegfestUK Chat is hosted by the lovely Karin Ridgers and VegfestUK founder Tim Barford, and you can catch up both with earlier episodes and find all the information you need on upcoming live shows right here!

Next episode:

Episode 5 will stream live on Facebook and YouTube on July 24th 2020 at 5pm UK time. This episode features very special guests Juliet Gellatley & actor Peter Egan!

Links to both Facebook live and YouTube live will be available right here from Saturday 18th July – 6 days before the scheduled broadcast. 




Previous episodes:

Want to catch up on the series so far? Just click on any of the episodes below to begin watching via Facebook!