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“Join Tim Barford and Karin Ridgers for episode 3 of VegfestUK Chat. Chockablock with news, gossip and as ever those exciting special guests from within the vegan world in the latest live stream chat show in the series, this one on Friday 12th June 2020 at 5pm UK time, available live on both Facebook and YouTube.

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It’s a double bill this time – the wonderful Wendy Turner Webster and awesome Adamski join Karin and Tim on the virtual VegfestUK Chat sofa to chat about veganism, the lockdown, upcoming projects and anything else that might take their fancy!


The guests:

Wendy Turner-Webster is an English journalist, television presenter and animal welfare campaigner. Wendy is a Patron of a number of organisations and charities, not limited to the Vegan SocietyViva! and the Vegetarian Society.

is an English DJ, musician, singer and record producer, prominent at the time of acid house for his tracks “N-R-G” and “Killer“, a collaboration with Seal. Writing and performing music from the age of 11, Adamski is still DJing and writing new material, as well as revamping the classics. Check out Adamski on Spotify.

Karin Ridgers
has been vegan over 25 years now, and runs her own vegan PR Company Mad Promotions, as well as vegan internet TV station VeggieVision and Online vegan dating service

www.veggievisiondating.com. Until recently Karin has also presented a weekly radio show with audiences of up to half a million across all formats. Karin is fun,. lively, bubbly and from Essex, and has an incredible passion for all things vegan.

Tim Barford
manages VegfestUK, the UK’s biggest vegan events, and has been vegan since 1984. He has been running vegan events since 2003, including the famous Bristol Vegan Fayre. A long term vegan activist, he is also the founder of Yaoh, the UK’s original hemp company. Tim lives in Bristol and likes dance music and football.


Tune in on Friday 12th June at 5pm on either Facebook or YouTube for the third episode of series 1 of VegfestUK Chat!”